Warren Row

The village of Warren Row is located about five miles west of Maidenhead. It lies directly on the Knowl Hill to Henley Road and is entirely within the Parish of Hurley. It numbers some forty-seven houses having grown from a collection of agricultural workers' cottages. The Mission Church of St Pauls  was constructed in 1894 on a piece of land given by Sir Gilbert Clayton East of Hall Place and built with money raised locally. Unusually it is built of corrugated iron and still retains the atmosphere of a 1930's C of E Chapel. Services are held there monthly.

Warren Row is famous for its extensive underground chalk pits, which were used as an underground factory during the Second World War, then as a nuclear bunker for an emergency regional seat of government, and are now used as a document storage centre and wine cellar.


Representing  Hurley, Warren Row and parts of Burchetts Green, Cockpole Green, Littlewick Green and Knowl Hill